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 All of us at Finessed & Flower Fresh love to party. But we all know the work involved; the planning; the choice of  theme; the catering; the guests; the flowers; and let's not forget the preparatory cleaning.

 We offer a unique service - we can help you arrange your home to be a convivial and inviting place to celebrate.   We have an experienced event planner on staff as well as a florist so we can devise a tailor made service plan for you. We will come in, clean your house to perfection, decorate your house according to your theme or specification ( we can even organise the provision of top quality party decorations if you wish). We can bring our florist in to pull together the whole 'look' with exquisite floral decorations.


It was fantastic ! Everyone had a ball; had plenty to eat and drink, memories were made and many

pictures taken.

But then the mess ! Everyone dreads the clear- up especially after a few wee drinks.

This is where we come in - as pre-arranged with you, we will swoop in, clean up and restore everything to order, leaving your home Finessed & Flower Fresh. We will even come in the early hours before you have woken up. (We have the quietest powerful vacuum cleaners on the market.)

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